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Welcome to the Function 2006 website

Party is over!


2006. 10. 08.
The party has ended. Results are here, releases are here. (Also on Scene.org and Pouet.)
2006. 09. 26.
Function organizing is proud to present this year's main sponsor: ATI Technologies has been a sponsor of demoscene events for several years now, and this is the first time ever that, through the help of Digitale Kultur e.V., a Hungarian party is receiving their support, making this year's Function an even better event!
2006. 09. 25.
The official party t-shirt design is ready, have a look at it here.
If you plan to buy one at the party, please sign this little form, so we can see about how many we need to make.
2006. 09. 02.
We're happy to announce two new sponsors: compo prizes will include copies of the Best of Hungarian Demoscene DVD and the Freax Art Album as well.

In other happy news, we're proud to announce that Traymuss / Addict has offered to perform a little DnB-ambient DJ/VJ-set during the party. (Timetable will be updated as soon as we negotiate the length of the performance.)

We also gave birth to a loooooovely little banner, feel free to spread everywhere:

2006. 08. 28.
We're proud to introduce WLS as a new sponsor, who supported us with copies of the We Are Family DVD as compo prizes.
2006. 08. 27.
This year's Function website is open; all the important data is online already, but we're still working on uploading all the missing links, such as about our sponsors. We also have an RSS feed this year, making sure that you never miss any news.
You can also register this year, feel free to do so now!
We'll be happy to see you at the party, and spread the word.