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Magyar változat


(Note: This is only a draft and is subject to change at the party.)

Friday, October 6.

Time Event
18:00 Party opens
20:00 Opening ceremony
22:00 Various demoshows

Saturday, October 7.

Time Event
10:00 Deadline: Retro competitions
12:00 Deadline: Music and graphic competitions
13:00 Compo: Retro graphics/music
13:30 Compo: Retro demo compo
14:00 Compo: Surprise oldskool game compo
16:00 Compo: Handdrawn graphics compo
16:30 Compo: Freestyle graphics compo
17:00 Deadline: Demo and intro competitions
18:00 Compo: Tracked music compo
18:30 Compo: Streaming music compo
19:30 Liveact: Traymuss / Addict vs. Biter / Futuris
21:00 Compo: Wild compo
22:00 Compo: 256b and 4k intro compo
22:30 Compo: 64k intro compo
23:00 Compo: Demo compo

Sunday, October 8.

Time Event
12:00 Prizegiving
14:00 Party closes
We'd like to emphasize that time of the prizegiving is deliberately later - we'd like to give a chance for people to go home and/or have a good sleep.